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We are a Latin fusion restaurant, presenting authentic cuisine inspired by all Latin countries. Well-known for our acclaimed Latin Fusion restaurant located on Vernon Blvd in Long Island City, we are proud to present our new location on the water at Center Blvd. The Center Blvd location is three times the size of our 47-04 Vernon Blvd restaurant, with seating for 160 diners along with an outdoor patio seating 60 people and a private dining room. In addition to the dining area, Blend on the Water features an amazing spacious bar consisting of premium liquors and 5 large plasma screens.


Our new location features 10 foot windows that wrap around the restaurant, providing breathtaking views of the East River and Manhattan. Blend on the Water's menu is our interpretation of Latin cuisine, and is inspired by all Latin countries.  Come see for yourself why Blend on the Water is the ultimate dining experience.

Blend on the Water, A Place To Eat, Meet & Greet.  
Mi Casa Es Su Casa!
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